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Our 1st Visit

Today was so incredibly difficult but so incredibly beautiful as well. We met with two high school classes and are completely blown away by the attention and respect they all showed us.

Not only that, we had kids coming up to us after and thanking us for presenting. Some said they had struggled themselves with fentanyl and were now clean. Some told us how strong we were and how much our story impacted them. Some hugged me before we left.

When I cried in front of them, I could feel their emotional responses. These were all beautiful children and I looked at them all like potential fentanyl victims. It scared me to know they may not have people in their lives that support them the way they need.

Many, including teachers learned something new today. 

I promised them that we were going to be educating adults also.

Again, completely blown away by today. I honestly have no words to describe. All I wanted to do after was crawl in bed and cry. It's so incredibly difficult to be vulnerable to others especially a group of teens, but I remind myself it's to save them, in Alex's name.

Special thanks to Medford School District for making our wish a reality. We look forward to visiting more schools and forcing change one day at a time.

#LongLiveAlex #LLA

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