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As we work to build Alex's Story and partner with our community to fight fentanyl together, we are capturing every step we take. 

We are both excited and eager to be presenting at our local middle and high schools with our approved lesson plan about the dangers of Fentanyl and to share Alex's Story.

We are continuing our community efforts with the campaign message:

"See Something, Say Something, Save Someone"




Parents of Alex Garcia make efforts to ensure everyone hears Alex's Story in hopes they can prevent more tragedies.

School Visits

Alex's Story is visiting schools and teaching them about the FACTS about Fentanyl along with our tragic story. 

Community Partnering

Check out Alex's Story recent partnership with KOBI in the awareness campaign, "if not now, when?", a local fentanyl awareness campaign to push parents and guardians to talk about the dangers of fentanyl. 

Sponsor Today

Help us make a difference and join the fight against Fentanyl!


Our EIN is 92-0654866 and DOJ registration number is 62467


Thank you for your donation!

Sponsoring Levels:

Each student receives an educational presentation around fentanyl, Fentanyl Awareness Swag Bag including pen, sticker, bracelet, sunglasses and goodies. 

1 student = $5.00

5 students = $25.00

10 students = $50.00

Sponsor a School: 

1 school (average 300 students): $1,500

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