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Sponsor Today

Help us make a difference and join the fight against Fentanyl!


Our EIN is 92-0654866 and DOJ registration number is 62467


Thank you for your donation!

Sponsoring Levels:

Each student receives an educational presentation around fentanyl, Fentanyl Awareness Swag Bag including pen, sticker, bracelet, sunglasses and goodies. 

1 student = $5.00

5 students = $25.00

10 students = $50.00

Sponsor a School: 

1 school (average 300 students): $1,500

Why Swag? It spurs engagement and awareness outside our visits! 


Contributing has never been so easy 

For less than $10 - we are providing a life-saving message to our children.


There are so many ways to contribute to Alex's Story through direct contributions through our safe and secure online payment form or through these additional ways:

  • Direct donations at Rogue Federal Credit Union (Medford Oregon) under Alex's Story

  • Purchasing our products under our SHOP page 

  • Directly Sponsor Below (small fees deducted)

  • Contact us for instructions on direct payment options

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