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Alex's Story

Chapter 1

A beautiful soul, a friend to everyone, with a creative and intuitive mind. That is our son, Alex - also known as "Moe Moe". His passions were movies - and not just the surface-level appreciation that most people have for movies. No, he paid attention and researched every detail of movies that he loved. From an early age, he was like most kids, he loved Batman. As he grew up, that fascination expanded into Comics, original Marvel and DC Comic characters, Stephen King books, Quentin Tarantino movies, and many more. As his mom, I would strategically sit right next to him in the movie theatre when movies like Batman and Joker came out so I could understand the hidden meanings in some scenes and understand the backstory of all characters - that of course he had already researched prior. He also kept us up on new movies that were being made. The last one he told us about, a week before his death, was the new making of The Hunger Games. ​


He did this with Football as well - although that was a bit more directed towards his grandfather, Tom King, his father, and his younger brother Tommy. The NFL stats would roll off this tongue like he was reading from the NFL website. He knew all the newly drafted players, their positions, etc... From an early age, he loved the once San Diego, now LA Chargers. Most recently, he was amazed by Oregon's own, Justin Herbert, who was drafted into the LA Chargers team. ​​

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