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Your Donations Directly Go Towards Sponsoring a Child Learning Critical Information Around Dangerous Fentanyl - Help Save a Life with our Preventative Efforts Today

Hear Alex's Story and join our fight against protecting our youth and young adults again the the illegal sale and use of fentanyl and other dangerous opioids.



On August 26th, 2022, around 2:30 PM, our lives were forever changed. This is the horrific moment that every parent has nightmares about. We had learned that our beautiful, ambitious, and fun-loving son, Alex, at age 19, passed away from a fentanyl overdose.  As our family started to grieve our tragic loss, we soon discovered that we were not alone, not even a little. 

Even though we were and still are deep and fresh into the loss of our firstborn child, and truly, still have days we don't believe he is really gone, we had an urgency inside of us that we had to do something and we had to do it NOW.  We realized that fentanyl is not just killing our youth "here and there" in stories secluded to the national news. No, this is happening, here on the West Coast, happening here in Oregon, happening here in Jackson County, happening here in Medford, and sadly happening here, in OUR family....and soon could be YOUR family. 

Because of this, we have made a dedication to Alex, our children, and all of your children, to share our story.  By doing this, we are committed to working collectively with community partners, including police, and schools, and even fight legislation to increase awareness and prevention against the mass killings that fentanyl is responsible for.


Watch our dedication video created by

Alex's younger brother, Tommy



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At Alex's Story, our mission is to save lives by raising awareness and promoting education about the dangers of illicit fentanyl use. We are a non profit organization dedicated to preventing avoidable fatalities caused by this lethal substance.

Through our advocacy, intervention, and support initiatives, we aim to empower individuals, families and communities to make informed choices and live drug-free lives. Together, we can make a difference and build a future free from this silent epidemic.


The Focus of Our Efforts


Partnering with Schools

Alex's Story is focused on partnering with local school districts and community partners within Southern Oregon. We are focused on working with school educators to get in front of our students to share Alex's Story along with the facts and dangers of fentanyl.

Alex's Story has also proudly partnered with local media outlets to further boost fentanyl awareness.


Save a Life

Alex's Story is dedicated to launching our "See Something, Say Something, Save Someone" resource campaign, ensuring our kids have an identified and easy access to resources where they can alert someone when they suspect someone they know may be using or at risk of ingesting fentanyl. Whether this be a trusted adult or an anonymous tip line, Alex's Story is committed to saving our youth. 


Speak Up

Survivors who have fallen victim to this disgusting poison, fentanyl, are angry. Whether you are a loved one of a victim or perhaps you were lucky to survive an overdose and still have your life, we imagine you are enraged. WE ARE. It's time to fight back.


Stay in the "Know"

and in the "Now" 

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Sponsor Today

We are 503(c) non-profit organization! Help us make a difference and join the fight against Fentanyl!


Our EIN is 92-0654866, Registration with DOJ is 62467


Thank you for your donation!

Sponsoring Levels:

Each student receives an educational presentation around fentanyl, Fentanyl Awareness Swag Bag including pen, sticker, bracelet, sunglasses and goodies. 

1 student = $5.00

5 students = $25.00

10 students = $50.00

Sponsor a School: 

1 school (average 300 students): $1,500

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