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Mean people suck

I knew going live with our story and sharing so many of our details would open up for various opinions. Especially with stigma around drugs. I've been so strong, especially for the kids and have been trying to teach them you can't win everyone's support. Especially when there are so many people closed who are closed from opinions, beliefs and cultures outside their own.

Tonight however, I admittedly lost it. I'm tired of "people" sharing their judging and negative opinions paired with we deserved to lose our son on social media platforms. It makes me completely disgusted. If they only knew our intimate challenges we had. If they can only just understand that they don't know what we want through, only pieces from what we've shared. It only seems those who understand that or have personal knowledge of a similar battle understand and show empathy. Perhaps it is good that these comments aren't said to me in person as I'm pretty certain I'd lose full ability to control myself. I have so much rage towards this rotten part of society.

However, I must remember to not let it be a roadblock to our fight. But, tonight is a night that makes me want to stop fighting. The pain is too real and raw. And these comments admittedly, blur my mission to fight. Everything we are doing has been complete torture for us, but we keep doing it to prevent more deaths. But we can only do so much in our pain.

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